Exhaust & Mufflers

For top-quality work on your exhaust system or muffler and some of the most affordable prices in Houston on any vehicle, bring your truck or car into Beraca Muffler & Brakes. At Beraca Muffler & Brakes, our team of experts are passionate when it comes to Exhaust Performance. We replace, repair, and install mufflers, catalytic converters, and complete exhaust systems on any make or model of car. To achieve the look and sound you've been wanting, come into Beraca Muffler & Brakes for competitive price with custom performance exhaust system.


Beraca knows how essential the brake system is for any vehicle. And we know how expensive repairs or replacements can be, so that's why we are intuitively thinking of ways you can save money. One of the best ways to save money on your brakes is to get them fixed before any additional damages happen. Bring your vehicle to Beraca for a free brake check and we guarantee your brake repairs will be the best prices in the Houston metro area. We take pride in being honest with our customers, and recommend only what you need. We check your entire brake system and only recommend repairs or replacements that are needed, that's the Beraca guarantee.


In this down economy, finding ways to enhance your gas mileage is a must. Replacing your shocks when needed can help maximize the most out of your gas mileage. At Beraca Muffler & Brakes, we replace, service, and upgrade shocks and struts. The main purpose of your shocks is to produce a smoother car ride and keep your tires on the road. Some reasons to get your shocks checked out would be from driving over speed bumps or potholes to fast, drive through rough terrains, or hear noises from your shocks. Shocks keep you from bumping out of your seat by absorbing the pounding and keeping your wheels on the pavement. In the last decade, suspension systems have become more sophisticated which has driven up the cost of shocks but also has made the shocks evolve into struts.


We can service or replace shocks, struts, tie-rods, ball-joints, rack & pinion, idler arms, pitman arms, and the rest of your suspension components. In order to properly align your car and prevent premature tire wear it is necessary to keep your vehicle's suspension in proper working order. A suspension that is "out of whack" can be dangerous - especially on wet roads and sharp curves. In those moments when you need your car to respond quickly your suspension can make the difference between continuing down the road and not.

Tune Ups

So you're changing your oil, well what about the rest of your car? Bring your car or truck into Beraca Muffler & Brakes for a full "tune up". Most vehicles today require fewer tune-ups but still require regular maintenance. For further assistance about recommended maintenance for your car or truck - see your owner's manual for details. Beraca Muffler & Brakes is your one-stop for any routine maintenance or tune-up's and is known for our affordable prices and outstanding customer service.

We Do Auto Repair

Our facility is a full-service auto repair shop ready to serve all your auto maintenance and repair needs. This means if you need maintenance or if your car is not performing to your standards, we have the technology and technicians to diagnose and repair your car or truck.

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